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  • 6/12/13
    Teaser:  I've just applied the latest security updates to this site, so please advise if you notice any strange behaviour or errors.  73 de Scott Evans VK7HSE
  • 17/10/12
    Teaser:  Just a quick note to advise that T2TAS has been updated to now use "aprsc" and "aprsg" for local iGate duties. The 40m to 2m HF gateway is still using "Digi_Ned"
  • 29/4/12
    Teaser: We have decided to no longer support user logins to this site, due to two reasons: 1 - There is no additional content not publically available that warrents having a login, and 2 - Most of the user...
  • 18/2/12
    Teaser: There's been a considerable large amount of spam accounts being created that I ask that you please use your CALLSIGN as your intended username. This way it's a lot easier to pick out the legitimate...
  • 12/10/11
    Teaser:  Hey all   Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Cairns Amateur Radio Club digi at Mt Haren has been turned off today.  It was replaced by VK4HM-3 which is an IGATE based on...
  • 7/10/11
    Teaser:  Over the weekend I finally got around to setting up IPv6/4 dual stack so now T2TAS can be accessed from either
  • 25/4/11
    Teaser: There's been some recent changes made to the T2 (Tier 2) network that now adds load balancing to the rotate aliases. Previously the rotate alias was hard coded so if by chance a T2 server in the...