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The TinyTrak4 is the latest in this line of trackers.  It adds teh capability to easily update the firmware directly from a PC (without needing PIC programming software), DSP packet decoding capability for 300, 1200 and 9600bps, Telemetry support and more.

Like the TinyTrak3, the TinyTrak 4 has a couple of variant models:

  • MicroTrak TT4, a self contained tracker with inbuilt RF module based on the TinyTrak4 firmware

If you have a TinyTrak4, please consider using the configurations below, where the Primary configuration is for VHF and the Secondary configuration is for HF.

VHF Configuration (Tracker Firmware 4.07)



HF Configuration (Tracker Firmware 4.07)



Alpha Code details coming soon...

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